Traditional Hatha Yoga &

what to expect in the class

Traditional Hatha Yoga is a practice of balance through Posture(asana), Pranayama(breath), Mudra (gestures) and Meditation. The Sanskrit word “hatha” can be translated in English two different ways: as “wilful” or “forceful” – the active path of yoga or as a “sun” (ha) and “moon” (tha) – the yoga of balance. Taken together, Hatha Yoga can be described as a set of wilful and active practices that aim to achieve harmony and balance in the mind, body, and spirit. 

Yoga is more than physical exercise, balanced diet, the calm mind is equally important. It teaches us to be aware of where we focus our efforts and energy. Other schools of practice which arose out of the teachings of Hatha Yoga are Ashtanga(Vinyasa) Yoga and Iyengar Yoga.

Traditional Hatha Yoga class taught by me is a form of movement that links the breath, body and mind through postures. 

During Traditional Hatha Yoga classes we particularly focus on the posture and alignment. Yoga asanas are performed and held for a few deep breaths before moving to the next posture. This type of sequence is both physically beneficial as it strengthens the body and it is mentally calming- over time it begins to center the mind.

Pranayama is also greatly important in our Traditional Hatha Yoga practice as it directs the control of Prana(energy) within the body. The theory is that if you can control your breath, you can control your life force. The practice of Pranayama and Asana paired together helps to relax the body and are considered the highest form of self-discipline and purification of the body and the mind.

Meditation follows after the asana and pranayama practices. Through this limb, we reach Moksha(freedom) which is the goal of  Yoga. This level of meditation allows us to see things clearly and look beyond the illusions that cloud the mind. I incorporate sound meditation at the end of a Yoga class, the main instrument being Dream Gong by Tone of Life.

The duration of Traditional Hatha Yoga classes led by me are either 60min or 90min. Online/virtual or in person– in the comfort of your own home options available. If interested, drop me a message through Terms & Bookings section.

Mobile areas covered: Central, West, North and North West London. Other areas in London including Watford can be discussed. 

Mentally and emotionally the practice of Asana combined with Pranayama and Meditation can create vast changes in an individual

Physical benefits:

– Increases strength, flexibility, balance and stamina.

– Decreases chronic back pain.

– Aligns the whole body.

– Increases respiratory function.

– Increases circulatory health.

– Weight loss.

– Helps to cleanse the organs and increases circulation of lymphatic fluid.

Spiritual benefits:

– Stress reduction.

– Spiritual realization.

– Decreased anxiety and depression.

– Meditation has been linked specifically to increasing grey matter within the brain.