Gong and Sound Meditation
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What is Sound MEDITATION?

Before we move on specifically on gong meditation, let’s take a step back and look into the concept of sound meditation/therapy. Sound meditation or healing with the help of music dates back to ancient Greece where it was used to cure conditions related to mental disorders. More recently, research studies suggest that sound therapy can help to cope with stress better, decrease anxiety and depression which would then lower the risk of heart diseases, and even improve the health of premature babies!


One of the most powerful instruments that I personally use to promote clients’ physical and emotional well-being is The Dream Gong created by Tone of Life. The transformational qualities of gong sound were used since the Bronze Age China and the East for prayer, meditation and ceremonies. The main goal of the gong meditation session led by me is to cultivate deep relaxation to the mind and body by taking you to a dream-like state with gentle yet powerful tones.

How the sound works and what are the benefits?

When skillfully played gong, the sound gradually builds up into multi-layers of harmonic sound tones. The tones are frequently changed by using various gong playing techniques which results in the brain not being able to follow as it would happen if the fixed and monotonous rhythm was played. These auditory stimuli of the sound lead to entrainment which beneficially modifies brainwave frequencies.

The first brainwave state is reached fairly quickly and is called Alpha state. These brainwaves are associated with relaxation and visualization. We get into this brainwave state during light meditation and they are defined by frequencies 8-12Hz(brain activity/waves measured in frequencies). Additionally, research studies have shown that Alpha states promotes the release of naturally occurring chemicals such as melatonin, beta-endorphin, and dopamine. These chemicals generate an internal mental environment for new learning and accessing already learned information.

The so-called Theta brainwave state which falls between 4-7Hz rapidly follows after Alpha brainwaves. Theta waves occur when we take part in deep meditation or in a dream-like state yet are conscious of our surroundings. In this state, we feel most inspired and creative. Therefore, the optimal range for de-stressing and healing of the nervous system to occur is between Alpha and Theta.

All in all, gong meditation synchronizes the brain waves and body which will assist you when tackling troubles of everyday life by making you aware of the present moment, relieving tension, pain and clearing the mind.

What to expect in a session?

It is very important to feel comfortable throughout the gong meditation session thus I encourage you to have an extra blanket and a small soft pillow. The session would start with you lying down in a comfortable position with your eyes closed. I will then guide you through light breathing techniques which will help you totally relax and enter a state of calmness. Initially, I will play gong very softly and then increase the volume as the session progresses. I will also play other percussion instruments such as full moon singing bowls, koshi chimes, rain stick etc.

Please note that the frequencies of sound produced during the session are not dangerous to your hearing. Even, if you are pregnant, it is safe to take part in a gong sound meditation session.

As we are all so special and unique, you might find that the experience of sound meditation is different from the one you had two months ago or the one your friend described to you. The sound creates the vibrations which unlock emotions and energies gained through past experiences and buried deep within your consciousness. These emotions or reactions might be anything from feeling overjoyed to feeling sad. As mentioned above, every experience is different however, most people after the session report that they feel more relaxed and well-rested. My advice is to let in and acknowledge any emotions that come through from the non-judgemental point of view and with the help of breath send that emotion to the heart, with unconditional love.

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